Breast Milk Project – Methods to Increasing Breast Milk Supply

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, as is the love and the emotional and physical connection that you develop when you breastfeed your infant. For the first few months of their lives, it is crucial to give your baby breast milk, because they obtain essential antibodies from mother’s milk that they need to strengthen their immune systems. It also means the mother and child are in close bond. Some moms have a hard time producing enough milk to keep their baby gaining weight, due to a variety of reasons, and there are things you can do to increase your baby’s supply of breast milk you can make.Link Breast Milk Project

If you experience a low supply of milk, there are a few things you can do to boost the production of the fluid in your body.

Frequent feedings: This may encourage your body to produce more milk to try and keep up with the demand if you plan feedings more regularly for your infant. If you do so more often, the process of breastfeeding, as your infant bites at your breast, encourages the body to produce more milk. Schedule feedings with less time between each bout, which will increase the amount of time your baby has to suck and boost your milk production. That should increase the intake of milk if you eat more often.

Breast Pumping: When you think your kid is not hungry as often as you want to feed them to maximize the supply of food, you can also pump your breasts for milk during feedings, to boost their milk production. Pumping activates the breasts in the same way that repeated feedings will generate more milk. Your breasts are depleted of milk and persuaded to produce more, and if you can’t be there to feed your child, your spouse or babysitter can do so with your own breast milk, you have the added bonus of an endless supply of milk in the fridge.