Breast Pump Basics

A breast pump is an essential tool if you intend to breastfeed, which will help make this process more comfortable for both you and your infant.

Breast Pump Benefits-Breast pumps have several advantages, not just for working moms: they can help ensure that your baby’s milk is always accessible even if you’re not. They would encourage another person to share the joy of feeding the baby (particularly father as he may feel a little left out). This will allow the kid to be fed by another person whilst you get some much needed rest! When you suffer engorgement they will help you find relaxation. The pumping will release nipples flat or inverted.Do you want to learn more? Visit Breast Milk Project

There are several styles of breast pumps. Depending on your personal preferences and condition, you should choose your pump: Automatic breast pumps are usually the least costly and are generally lightweight and compact. They are powered by hand and to produce the pumping motion you need to pinch on a stick. Manual breast pumps are best suited for sporadic breastfeeding and are often used to stimulate one breast while the other breast is the baby feeds.

Battery Operated Breast Pumps usually fall in the center of the price range and are battery powered. We are collecting breast milk better than manual pumps. Much louder than the electric pumps, when noise is a problem, the battery-operated breast pump could be a great option.

Typically, electronic breast pumps remain within the upper price range. These are often bigger and heavier, and are driven by a piston that nearly imitates a breastfeeding baby’s rhythmic sucking movement and pain. Most electric pumps come with a complete feeding system like bottles for storage and feeding. Some of the best electric pumps come in compact carrying cases that require room in isolated cases for storing the expressed milk. Electric pumps can enable you to distribute your breast milk faster and provide greater control over velocity and suction. Electric breast pumps are the best choice for returning to full time work or for taking multiple hours away from your baby every day.

Dual breast pumps aid increase the development of milk and will reduce the pumping time in half.

The finding of the right breast pump requires several considerations. If you have concerns, or are not positive which one will work best for you, contact your local lactation consultant.