Buying A New Home and Getting a Building Inspection

Many home owners are comfortable with having a Building and Pest check before the home transaction is completed and they are well informed of any issues the house may have. A regular Building and Pest Inspection would include doors , windows, walls , floors, structural deficiencies, ventilation and insect and injury to the pests. There is one very significant thing which does not cover a regular Building and Pest Inspection … Plumbing. Plumbing.

Plumbing is one of the most essential home features, like sewage drain systems, septic tank, water storage, hot water network, rain water gutters and downpipes, internal fittings, drains, valves , pumps, toilets, pools, baths and laundry facilities. Common plumbing issues involve penetration of tree root into the storm water drain or sewer system that creates blocked drains which may contribute to broken pipes, leakage of pumps, leakage of drain pipes which leakage of water pipes, low water pressure, insufficient drainage of surface water , water erosion and corrosion of pipes, to list only a few.For further information regarding this, feel free to visit them at Is your building inspector licensed

A Pre-Purchase Plumbing Report is a detailed report that inspects any part of home plumbing, photos demonstrating plumbing state, CCTV Drain Camera review Video recording in storm water pipe and sewage system in depth. You will have peace of mind with a Plumbing chart in hand, and have a negotiating weapon if there are plumbing issues. 96% of the Plumbing tests performed suggest some form of concern with the plumbing network.

Like for all things plumbing degrades with time, that’s why it’s totally important to check the plumbing anytime you have a Building and Pest Inspection completed. Assure that he is a professional and approved plumber while seeking a Plumbing Inspector.