Healthy Cooking With Sous Vide

We know that if we’re trying to eat a more healthy diet, chicken is a great source for protein, and if prepared properly, is low in fat. Do you have problems keeping chicken moist, and flavorful? Sometimes, no matter how you cook it, the chicken comes out dry. Did you know that there is a method for cooking chicken at the exact right temperature each time, and it leaves the moisture in?What is sous vide anyway

The latest cooking method is called Sous Vide – which means cooking under pressure. And in this case, the cooking is simple. When cooking Sous Vide, you begin by vacuum sealing the food. You can purchase a simple vacuum sealer from Using the Sous Vide machine, you want to get the water to 147 degrees – which is the perfect temperature to get chicken “done.”
Preparing the chicken is easy. Begin with your chicken breast, and season it with salt and pepper (you can add things like a sprig of Thyme if you like). Vacuum seal it in the bag. Then you’ll drop it in the water at 147 degrees – and in 35 minutes- you have perfectly cooked chicken. You can prepare the chicken using a regular pot, with water, as long as you have some ice on hand, and monitor the water temperature carefully. The easiest way to keep the water at the right temperature is with a Sous Vide machine.

Besides chicken, you can also prepare meat at the perfect temperature, as well as vegetables, using the Sous Vide machine. This healthy method of cooking allows the food to retain its moisture, and its vitamins. I find the Sous Vide machine to be the easiest, most effective way to prepare chicken, but if you don’t want to invest in a Sous Vide machine, you can still cook with this method on the stove top. You just have to be vigilant about regulating the temperature in your pot.
Cooking Sous Vide Without a Sous Vide Machine
You’ll need a pot, a heat source (the stove) and a thermometer. Have some ice, or cold water standing by. Put the thermometer into your water and turn on the heat until you get to the temperature you want to maintain. If you go over temperature, it’s not a problem, simply add a bit of ice and stir. The water will stay at that temp for about five or ten minutes (depending on if you keep a lid on it, and how large a pot of water you have). Every five minutes you may need to add some heat to the stove. You can also do this by having a tea kettle near by and periodically adding some boiling water to it.
The advantage of this pretty inexpensive method is that it’s easy to add heat, or hot water, or cool down with a few ice cubes or cold water. The disadvantage is you can’t just leave the food and go do something else, which of course is one of the advantages of using a Sous Vide machine. Either way, this method is a healthy way to prepare your beef, vegetables or chicken.