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Bachelorette parties are held for women who are about to get married and they are the equivalent of a bachelor party organized for men who are soon to be married. It is also named group of a hen or hen time. Bachelorette parties have long been around but they took their present form during and after the sexual revolution of the 1960s. The main participants are the future bride’s female friends and family relationships though gay male friends are also invited to the parties in the recent past. Click Male Strippers Melbourne for more details.

The parties can be organized around a wide range of themes depending on what the organizers feel the future bride will be pleased with. Some people see them as opportunities for male strippers to enjoy a night of drinking and entertainment for their future bride and her friends. Nevertheless, the more common trend is to use the parties as a place for the future bride to connect with her peers and to offer their bits of advice regarding her future role as a wife and daughter-in-law.

The parties are typically arranged by a relative of the bride of the future, the mother of the bride, the then-mother-in-law of the bride or the maids of the bride and are usually held in the evening. In most cultures, holding her own bachelorette party is unusual to the bride. If you are given the chance to organize a bachelorette party, you can choose from several themes including dinners, cocktail parties or pamper parties. Dinner and cocktail parties provide an opportunity for the future bride and her peers to connect and send the bride friendly advice. Pamper parties, on the other hand, give the future bride and her friends the opportunity to treat themselves and mostly include spa treatments, camping trips, going to the movies, cooking classes traveling to an exotic destination for some fun time among others.

Whatever the theme the organizers choose, they should remember that the bride-to-be is the guest of honor, and that the theme should be one with which she is comfortable even when the participants feel they would prefer something else. It is advisable to avoid anything that has the potential to embarrass the future bride.

There’s also a wide variety of themed games and decorations that are designed for bachelorette parties that you can buy to make the party lively. The guests will give the bride-to-be presents during the parties although this is not necessary. It’s also common practice to toast the bride and exchange amusing married-life stories. The party will normally take place at least a week before the wedding, as it is crucial that the bride has time to rest and get ready before their big day.