Sly Dog Production – 5 Tips to Help You Hire the Right Video Company

Video is currently the fastest growing especially online advertisement platform and is no longer the exclusive realm of Fortune 500 businesses. Increasingly, businesses of all sizes are discovering that when done correctly, video is a highly effective marketing tool and are looking for a way in which their company will profit from this phenomenon. The apprehension of investing a marketing budget to recruit a video production company and not having the desired artistic outcome and Return on Investment is what keeps other companies back.Check out Sly Dog Production  for more info.

Here are 5 tips for making informed decisions while recruiting a company that produces content.

1) Do they have specific experience in their repertoire of video forms (corporate video, selling video, training video, etc.) that you want them to produce? While this may seem simplistic, it is easy to get caught up with a demo reel loaded with special effects, and overlook that your video will serve its intended purpose at the end of the day.

2) Have they taken the time to ask you questions about your target audience and business goals before sharing project specifics? You want to employ a marketing-oriented video production company, so you understand how to sell your product or convey your post.

3) Were they worried about the progress of your project? Search for a manufacturing company with reputation and develop long term relationships with their clients. Some businesses appreciate continuing customer relationships. Check for and call up references.

4) Did they put forward a technical proposal which clearly explains what you are paying for in sufficient detail? Are they on HD or SD shoots? Is it a project for 2 camera or 3 camera shoot? How many days does it take to shoot? Do they include a complete buyout for all the actors involved and voiceover abilities to prevent more losses later? These are all questions that you should pose so that you can appreciate how each company came to the quoted price. It means that the video production firm does not cut corners so that they can join at the lowest price if not in the best interest.

5) Have you been receiving timely and competent customer service? Which were your first thoughts when you called the Video Production company? Have they responded to your wishes and been giving helpful recommendations? If they are difficult to communicate with during the initial stages, imagine how difficult it will be to meet a deadline when you are under strain.